Multi-Channel Lists for Business

The key to marketing is repetition. Multi-channel Marketing is when you use a combination marketing platforms to get your message to your prospects. Using a range of different marketing channels enables a much wider reach, making your business visible to a broader group of prospects.

Our Multi-channel Lists for Business allows you to reach the same business prospects with a similar or related message through a blend direct marketing methods including Direct Mail, Telemarketing and/or Opt-in Email.

One message, many channels. Multi-channel Marketing strengthens your initial message, as follow up messages can be distributed cohesively and effectively using alternate direct marketing methods.

Multi-Channel Marketing also enables businesses to engage with their prospects on a frequent and interactive basis.  This interaction can not only supplement and reinforce the key marketing messages but also gives your prospects a variety of ways to respond, which will improve response rates.

Multi-channel marketing is the perfect solution to help ensure your business or organisation is thought of first when your prospects are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Multiple methods of marketing is key to online and offline business success.

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