Consumer Direct Mailing Lists

Consumer Mailing lists are the oldest and most common form of direct marketing. They have been used to market products and services to consumers and businesses since the late 1800’s! Direct mail ranges from plain letter mail to colourful eye catching postcards to multi-page catalogs.

A direct mail piece can be designed to make an instant sale or simply inform the recipient about a particular company’s product and/or services. Whatever the desired outcome of a direct mail campaign, one fact remains – direct mail is a proven and cost effective way to reach out to targeted prospects.

All of our Consumer Mailing Lists are refreshed on a regular basis to ensure lists have been updated with any “do-not-mail” requests, change of addresses and/or deceased contact names. Each Mailing List will include Name and complete Address. You also have the option to add selects, narrow down the field and better target your prospective customers.

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