Consumer Multi-Channel Lists

Multi-channel Marketing refers to the use of combined marketing platforms to get your message to your prospects. It allows you to reach the same prospects with a similar or related message using a combination of Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Opt-in Email and/or SMS/Texting.

One channel is no longer enough. Consumers now expect to be able to interact with a business or organisation in a number of different ways.

By contacting the same prospect with similar messages using our Consumer Multi-channel Lists you can achieve a significant advantage by making multiple impressions.  This will help you to be thought of first when your prospects are ready to make a purchasing decision.

There are many benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing, not just in terms of increasing sales but also business growth. It gives also you the ability to engage, acquire, and retain different demographic groups according to the user behavior within specific media channels.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, Multi-Channel Marketing provides unheralded opportunities for you to reach and interact with customers, and build brand loyalty and trust.

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