Direct Marketing ROI

It depends on who your market is!

According to Target Marketing’s, Media Usage Forecast 2013, businesses respond better to email marketing, while consumers prefer direct mail.

Here’s the breakdown:



  • For customer acquisition, marketers report email (39.8%) as the tactic delivering the best ROI, followed by direct mail (19.4%), telemarketing (12.2%) and search engine
  • For customer retention, respondents again cite email  (53.1%) as having the best ROI. Telemarketing (14.3%) and direct mail (13.3%) are nearly tied for second.



  • For customer acquisition, marketers point to direct mail (31.3%) as the top deliverer of new customers, followed by email (16.7%) and social marketing (12.5%).
  • For customer retention, again, direct mail is the top choice of respondents (37.5%), followed by email (29.2%),trailed by social medial (10.4%).
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