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It’s the old adage – It takes money to make money. Whether you’re a large corporation, a small business or even a non-profit organization, when it comes to direct marketing there’s never enough funding to do what you want to do. That’s why there are List Brokers. They are here to try to get you the biggest direct marketing bang for your direct marketing buck.

List brokers research and purchase data on a regular basis for a huge variety of different clientele. Many list owners will provide preferred rates to list brokers who order frequently.  There are instances where a list broker will go to the same list owner for two different projects, which could trigger a volume discount. These savings get passed onto the client.

Save Time

List brokers will save you more than just money, they will also save you time. Which in the long run, will also save you money. As another adage says – Time is Money.

Have you ever wondered if you could have achieved a better result with just a little more time to research? A list broker does the research for you. They know which list sources are reputable and which aren’t. They know where to get hard to find specialty lists. They may even provide list options that you wouldn’t have even considered.

Expect Value-Added Service

In addition to saving you time and money, a good List Broker will also provide value-added service. They have years of experience within the direct marketing industry. Tap into that! Use their knowledge and professional credibility to walk you through your direct marketing list options.

They should be able to use their expertise to help you find highly targeted list choices. An experienced a broker often knows which lists that perform the best and why. They should have the benefit of past experience.

There’s a lot more to implementing a successful campaign than just the mailing list. Finding the right list is just the first step. Ask your list broker for direction on timing, execution, and on the content or creative. They should know what works and what doesn’t to work, to get you the best possible response from your direct marketing campaign.

Analyze the Results

A good list broker will not only find the perfect direct marketing list or non-profit donor list for your specific needs, they will also help you analyze the results. They will look at the deliverability rate and sales that happened as a result of your direct marketing campaign and provide the advice you need to move forward.

Ensure Mailing List Quality

If there were problems with the mailing list, such as bad names or duplicate names, your List Broker will negotiate with the list owner to get replacement names or to get a refund. Remember, your List Broker works for you, not the list owner. They will make sure that any disagreement about the list is worked out fairly.

If you work with a reputable list broker, they will help you find the highest performing direct marketing lists, for use in direct mail, telemarketing & opt-in email campaigns. Saving you both time and money.