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Specialty Lists

Many companies are just looking for basic business lists or consumer lists to market to, but sometimes a basic marketing list just won’t do. If you are looking to target a specific niche market, ask our list brokers about our Specialty Lists.

Specialized Direct Marketing lists are researched and customized by our experienced list brokers to more accurately target your prospects. Specialty lists can take a little more effort to find and they may to cost a little more than a basic business list or consumer list.

Unfortunately, specialty lists are often discounted based on purely on cost. However, marketing campaigns that utilize specialty lists have significantly increased response rates because they are targeting specific businesses or consumers.

No matter what specific market you’re targeting, Prospects Influential List Brokers can find the right specialty list for you. Our knowledgeable list brokers will work with you to accurately pinpoint your perfect prospect. With over 70,000 direct marketing lists to work with, there’s no shortage of possibilities. If it exists, our list brokers will find it.

Our specialty lists are made up of more specific groups of businesses or consumers, targeting the prospects by a combination of metrics such as sales volume, company size and job title or interests, life event information and gender. All of which will vary depending on the list source.

As our specialty lists are customized and streamline to meet your specific needs, they will cost more than a basic business or consumer list. The cost will depend on how specific you want to get. Just keep this in mind – the more targeted your lists are, the better they will produce.

Want to get in front of the people most likely to buy your product or service? Invest a little more in your list. It will make an enormous difference.

Specialty Lists

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