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<style><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] -->h2 {<!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] -->margin-top: 10px;<!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] -->}<!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --></style><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><h1 class='direct-marketing-title'> Medical Lists </h1><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><p class="MsoNormal">Our Medical Lists provide prospects who requested info about medical treatment for specific ailments from the most common conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, to hard-to-find ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia and much more. Our medical lists can be selected by hundreds of different ailments, Rx medications and lifestyle.</p><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><h2 class="MsoNormal">Common Uses</h2><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] -->Promotion of medical equipment such as eye glasses, contact, hearing aids, etc, supplemental insurance, weight loss products, homeopathic alternatives<!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><h2>Popular Selects</h2><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><ul><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --> <li>ailment</li><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --> <li>medications</li><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --> <li>lifestyle</li><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --> <li>age</li><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --> <li>gender</li><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --> <li>recency</li><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --></ul><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><h2>Request a Quote</h2><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] -->Before we can provide you with our list recommendations, we’ll need to know who you are and who you are trying to reach. Please use our convenient Quote Request form to provide us with information about your project requirements, or for more personalized service you can also contact us directly at <strong>1 800 352 2282.</strong><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] -->

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