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Whether you are a small non-profit looking for a simple mailing list or a large non-profit organization wanting to test multiple donor lists we can help. Our experienced list brokers have access to thousands of effective donor lists within the U.S. and Canada.


Using donor lists is a great way to ensure your fundraising efforts are successful, whether you represent a political party, the local church, or are trying to raise money for a worthy cause. Even if your non-profit already has a list to solicit to, you can enhance your database with one of our donor list suggestions and take your fundraising campaign to the next level.


When buying donor lists, you receive the standard contact data but you also have the option to add selects, such as geography, donor type and donation amount. These selects will allow you to narrow down the target market to one that best meet your group’s specific needs.

Take advantage of our large assortment of donor lists with numerous demographic selections and pick out your perfect donor list targeting exactly who you want, where you want. Whether it’s for telemarketing, an email campaign or a mail out, our experienced list brokers will hone in on your ideal target and find the donor list that’s right for your non-profit campaign.


There are thousands of different donor lists. Some target certain donor interests like helping children or animals, and others target donors with the propensity to donate to more than one charity or non-profit organization. Our list brokers suggest testing a few different donor lists to determine which list type works best for your organization.


Donor lists costs are determined by the source, the select criteria, and the volume ordered (minimum order quantities may apply). You can find a sample of our more popular non-profit lists below. These are just a small example of what our list brokers can provide

Build your list
Build your list

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