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Prospects Influential List Brokers

Prospects Influential List Brokers has everything you need for your next direct marketing campaign. Over the years, our list brokers have provided thousands of direct marketing lists to large corporations, non-profit organizations and small businesses located within the US, Canada and worldwide. As a result, we are one of the leading authorities on direct marketing lists for use in direct mail, telemarketing & opt-in email campaigns.

Prospects Influential List Brokers will work closely with you, providing expert recommendations and knowledgeable insights into the direct marketing industry. Not only will our list brokers find you the best quality direct marketing lists available, but they will give you the tools you need to plan a successful direct marketing campaign. As a result, you will achieve maximum returns from your direct marketing efforts.

Direct Marketing Lists

Prospects Influential List Brokers knows that to thrive in today's competitive marketplace, businesses must utilize a blend of different direct marketing strategies, including using direct mail and email campaigns. At the same time direct marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business.

Our List Brokers will find you the perfectly targeted direct marketing lists, so you can market your product or service directly to consumers or businesses. With over 70,000 direct marketing lists available worldwide, there’s no shortage of possibilities.

The two most important questions to ask when researching direct marketing lists are “Who am I trying to reach?” and “How do I want to reach them?”

Are you looking for a business email list? or a consumer phone list? With the details you give us, Prospects Influential List Brokers will connect you to even the most hard-to-reach target audiences.

Why Use a List Broker?

A knowledgeable list broker is an important of any successful direct marketing campaign. As a result, having a long-term relationship with a list broker can be a valuable use of time and marketing dollars..

Prospects Influential List Brokers have a complete understanding of the direct marketing industry. Our list brokers represent thousand of direct marketing lists worldwide and can offer you more list choices than you would be able to find yourself.

Our job is find the best direct marketing lists that will work for your particular direct marketing campaign. We look at where the lists come from and who manages them. How often are they updated? When were they last updated? How are they put together? What happens if there’s a problem? What’s the reputation of the company that owns or manages the list? What makes one list better than another?

Why Prospects Influential List Brokers?

  • Prompt, professional, and friendly one-on-one service.
  • Expert advice on the best direct marketing list choices from years of direct marketing knowledge.
  • Multiple direct marketing list choices — no allegiances to any one list company.
  • Every direct marketing list we sell is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Service that far exceeds industry standards.

Prospects Influential List Brokers knows the Direct Marketing industry inside and out and that’s why our List Brokers are the best in the business!

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