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With over 30 years experience, Prospects Influential is the authority in direct marketing lists for direct mail, telemarketing  & email campaigns. We provide targeted direct marketing lists to companies big and small; from large corporations to  small businesses.

Our experienced list brokers will work closely with you, providing knowledgeable insights into the marketing list industry, giving you the tools you need to plan a successful direct mail marketing campaign. They will help you achieve maximum returns from your direct mail marketing efforts by providing the best quality marketing lists available.


Direct Marketing Lists

Our direct marketing list brokers know how important marketing directly to a certain group of consumers or businesses can be. With over 70,000 direct marketing lists available worldwide, there’s no shortage of possibilities.

The two most important questions to ask when researching a direct marketing list are “Who am I trying to reach?” and “How do I want to reach them?” Am I looking for a business email list? or a consumer phone list? With the details you give us, Prospects Influential will connect you to even the most hard-to-reach target audiences.

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