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It's important to note that Prospects Influential List Brokers will only provide Consumer Email Lists that are Opt-in. Opt-in email lists are "permission-based", which means that these individuals have given their permission to be contacted by email regarding specific topics that are of interest to them. For example, when people fill out a form online to request an email newsletter or register a product they have purchased, they can indicate that they would like to receive information on similar products or services. Recipients may also "opt-out," ask that their names be removed from the mailing list. Permission based opt-in email lists were created to eliminate the negative feedback from people who received unwanted messages in their inbox that they have no interest in; to reduce spam.

Prospects Influential List Brokers provide two options when it comes to our opt-in email lists. Our list brokers have access to list owner deployed opt-in email lists as well as released email lists.

With an owner deployed opt-in email list, you will not receive a physical opt-in email list. You pay for the deployment of your message to a set number of email addresses. The list owner sends your message out on your behalf, and usually guarantees deliverability. You will receive detailed reports telling you how many emails were successfully delivered, opened, and the number of clicks on your links.

A released email list is a list of email addresses that you purchase and you can email out to those addresses as often as you like. Our list brokers only recommend and provide compliant email lists. The onus is on you to make sure that the software you plan to use accepts 3rd party email lists. Our list brokers will be able to advise which email software doesn’t allow 3rd party email lists and recommend ones that do.

All opt-in email list owners must make sure their opt-in email lists are CANSPAM and CASL compliant. When using purchased email lists, compliance with the CANSPAM and CASL regulations also becomes your responsibility.

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid saturation and maintain the integrity of the opt-in email lists, our list brokers will only provide the highest quality opt-in, permission-based email files. Any requests for bulk email files will not be processed.

The key to success with consumer opt-in lists is to use as many of the selects as you can to pinpoint the group of consumers most likely to buy your product or service. By using selects like: gender, ethnicity, buying patterns, presence of children, areas of interests, etc., our experienced list brokers will find targeted consumer lists that represent your most likely prospects. Opt-in email list costs are determined by the source, the select criteria, and the volume ordered (minimum order quantities may apply).

Things to keep in mind when using opt-in email lists:

  • Frequency and timing. Have a game plan in mind about when and how often you want your message to be heard. Our list brokers recommend sending a minimum of 3 email blasts.
  • Perfect your subject line. Your subject line needs to be compelling enough to get the recipients to open and read your message. Our list brokers can let you know which words work and which are considered ‘spammy’
  • Personalize your message. It increases the chance your message will be opened and read instead of being deleted.
  • Get on target! The opt-in email list you decide on will make or break your email campaign. Seriously consider who you are trying to reach.
  • Test, test, test. You are usually able to assess the results of an opt-in campaign within 2 to 3 days this allows you to make any changes to your creative or subject line and try again.

Consumer Lists

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