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Direct Mailing Lists play an important role in marketing products and services directly to specific target markets. They have been used effectively by businesses for many years to achieve sales growth. Prospects Influential List Brokers is a leading and trusted provider of high quality direct mail lists that are accurate and affordable.

The quality of the direct mailing lists you buy will determine whether your mail piece produces sales for your company or gets lost in the mail. If it isn’t addressed correctly or directed to the right contact, your marketing message isn’t going to be heard. All of the direct mailing lists our list brokers provide are refreshed on a regular basis to update change of addresses and/ or contact names, to remove businesses which are no longer in business and to include new ones.

Each mailing list will include the company name, address and industry classification. You can also add Selects, such as sales volume and/or employee size to target the specific types of business you think would be interested in your product or service. Our list brokers will always recommend that you consider more targeted direct mailing lists to maximise your results. A successful direct mailing list is one that utilizes as many selects as possible. Direct mailing list costs are determined by the source, the select criteria, and the volume ordered (minimum order quantities may apply).

Our list brokers can also provide Multi-Channel Lists which will allow you to combine your Direct Mailing list with a Telemarketing and/or Opt-in Email campaign.

If you want to narrow the criteria even more, ask our list brokers about our Specialty Lists for Business. Our Specialty Lists for Business come with even more data elements for targeting specific business and industry types.

Things to keep in mind when using direct mailing lists:

  • Have a realistic budget. The direct mailing list cost is only one component. Make sure you consider the cost of printing and postage.
  • Perfect your mail piece. Remember size and dimension will affect the cost of postage, while the layout and color are essential to capturing your prospects’ attention.
  • Personalize your message. Mail that is personalized receives much more attention that unaddressed mail. It increases the chance your mail will be opened instead of just tossed in the trash.
  • Target, target, target. The direct mailing list you decide on will make or break your marketing campaign. Seriously consider who you are trying to reach.

Business Lists

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