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Prospects Influential List Brokers was started in 1997 and represented 40,000 different direct marketing lists. At the time, nothing was done electronically and the fax machine was considered high tech. Direct marketing databases were in listed in large phone book-like directories and the direct marketing lists had to be mailed out. Our list brokers have seen the evolution of direct marketing lists change from printed directories and data delivery using mag tape, to fax broadcasts and finally to the current electronic era where the direct marketing lists are simply emailed out. Since our humble beginnings Prospects Influential List Brokers has grown to be a multimillion dollar list brokerage firm that represents over 70,000 direct marketing lists worldwide.

Having relationships with almost all direct marketing list sources worldwide has enabled Prospects Influential List Brokers to truly offer the world’s lists to our clients. Our list brokers have stayed on top of the current trends in direct marketing, giving them the ability to offer their experience and expertise to clients when discussing marketing campaigns and the use of direct mail, telemarketing and opt-in email lists.

Our list brokers will take the time to speak with everyone that makes a list inquiry so that they understand who you are, what you do, what kind of list you are looking for, and what you hope to achieve as a result of your project.

You can feel confident that our direct marketing lists are clean, current, and deliverable. That’s because, in addition to obtaining information from reputable list sources, the direct marketing lists our list brokers provided are all updated and verified on a regular basis to ensure maximum deliverability.

Not only are we able to provide the best quality direct marketing lists available, but our list brokers will also always be accessible to you as your direct marketing resource. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of our client’s marketing department.

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