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The key to marketing is repetition. Our Multi-Channel business lists allow you to reach the same business prospects with a similar or related message through a blend of direct marketing methods including Direct Mail, Telemarketing and/or Opt-in Email. Using Multi-channel lists will help strengthen your initial message, create multiple impressions and increase interaction with your prospects. Prospects Influential List Brokers is a trusted provider of high quality multi-channel lists that are accurate and affordable.

Multi-Channel lists allow businesses to engage with their prospects on a frequent and interactive basis. This interaction can not only supplement and reinforce the key marketing messages but also gives your prospects a variety of ways to respond, which will improve response rates.

If you’re looking for a multi-channel list, it’s important that you purchase multi-channel lists that are updated regularly so the information provided is current. All the multi-channel lists our list brokers provide are refreshed on a regular basis to update change of addresses and/ or contact names, to remove businesses which are no longer in business and to include new ones.

Multi-Channel business lists are the perfect solution to help ensure your business or organization is thought of first when your prospects are ready to make a purchasing decision. By integrating different marketing channels into the mix, you create a much wider reach, making your business visible to a broader group of prospects. Using Multi-Channel lists is crucial to online and offline business success.

Multi-channel list costs are determined by the source, the select criteria, and the volume ordered (minimum order quantities may apply). To maximize your results, our list brokers always recommend multi-channel lists that utilizes as many selects as possible.

Things to keep in mind when using a multi-channel list:

  • Know your target. The most critical step in guaranteeing your success is to target, target, target. Seriously consider who you are trying to reach.
  • Know your goal. Is it to increase sales, create brand/company awareness, or just provide information? Each marketing method can have a different goal or can be the extension of the same goal.
  • Establish a common theme. No matter what marketing method, every communication you send should have common branding elements.
  • Have a realistic budget. The multi-channel list cost is only one component. Make sure you consider the cost of mailing, telemarketing and emailing to the multi-channel list.
  • Set the timing. Coordination and scheduling is very important for each channel. You want to stagger each method appropriately.
  • Repetition. Your target market may not respond the first-time round. Your prospects may need to see your name up to 7 times before they buy.

Business Lists

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