Direct Marketing Lists

Direct Marketing Lists

Our List Brokers know that every business is different. Different products, different locations, different target audience, different marketing needs.

Every direct marketing list is different as well. What works for one business isn’t necessarily going to work for you. That’s why each direct marketing list our list brokers recommend will be custom tailored to meet your business’s specific marketing needs.

As list brokers, we are not committed to any specific list company and are able to provide you with multiple list options that will enhance your direct marketing campaign. Before we can start, we will need to know who you would like to reach. Are you looking for a business list or a consumer list? Do you know what type of direct marketing list you need? direct mail, telemarketing, opt-in email or maybe a multichannel list? What is the target geography? US, Canada, International?

Our list brokers will want to know your campaign’s timeframe and how many times you want to reach out. They will also like to know what are you trying to promote and why. With the details you give us, Prospects Influential List Brokers will connect you to even the most hard-to-reach target audiences.

It’s OK if you don’t know the answers to all our questions. Prospects Influential List Brokers work with you to help define who your target markets are, as well as the best way to reach them. Our knowledgeable list brokers will help you decide whether a conventional mailing list is the best solution, or if a telemarketing campaign or opt-in e-mail blast maybe the best way to engage your prospects.

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Another important element of direct marketing is repetition. This could be achieved either through multiple follow ups to the initial message or by reaching out to your prospects using a mix of marketing methods. Either way, you are strengthening your initial message. This gives your prospects multiple times to respond and in variety of ways, which will significantly improve response rates.

The direct marketing list you choose will determine the success of your direct marketing campaign. But with so many direct marketing lists out there, how do you find the right lists for your needs. It’s important to educate yourself, whether you decide to find the direct marketing lists yourself or if you decide to use the services of a list broker.

Our knowledgeable list brokers can explain all your options and help figure out the best direct marketing list that will work for you.

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