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It depends on who your market is!

According to Target Marketing’s, Media Usage Forecast 2013, businesses respond better to email marketing, while consumers prefer direct mail.

Here’s the breakdown:


  • For customer acquisition, marketers report email (39.8%) as the tactic delivering the best ROI, followed by direct mail (19.4%), telemarketing (12.2%) and search engine
  • For customer retention, respondents again cite email  (53.1%) as having the best ROI. Telemarketing (14.3%) and direct mail (13.3%) are nearly tied for second.



  • For customer acquisition, marketers point to direct mail (31.3%) as the top deliverer of new customers, followed by email (16.7%) and social marketing (12.5%).
  • For customer retention, again, direct mail is the top choice of respondents (37.5%), followed by email (29.2%),trailed by social medial (10.4%).