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You’ve just purchased a targeted telemarketing list. Now what?

Now your sales representatives begin cold calling that list. Cold calling can be very effective, but all too often, the sale is hindered by poor cold calling etiquette. As a result, prospects are turned off by the sales call, instead of being interested in your product.

If you want your telemarketing list to live up to its full potential, try to educate your sales representatives and make sure they don’t commit any of these cold calling mistakes.

Don’t Center the Conversation on You

Don’t begin the conversation by telling them what you do and what you can offer; this tactic usually results in the prospect shutting down the conversation before they have even participated in it.

Do Focus on Your Prospect

What is important to them? What problems or issues would they like to solve? Let them guide the conversation. People aren’t really interested in hearing about the lives of perfect strangers, particularly when this comes in the form of a cold call. Use the cold call as a way to learn more about your prospect rather than pushing your product.

Don’t Assume Your Product Is the Perfect Solution

No matter how great your product is, no product is the perfect solution for everybody. Don’t begin a cold call asserting your solution will solve your prospect’s problems. You don’t know what their problems are yet, let alone whether you will be able to solve them. Don’t make the decision for them without allowing them to go through that decision-making process with you.

Do Let Your Prospect Come to That Conclusion on Their Own

Let them evaluate the entire situation for themselves and then reach a conclusion with you. This collaborative approach will establish a much better relationship between you and your prospect. It is more convincing and organic feeling.

Don’t Solely Focus on Making the Sale

Never go into a cold call with the sole goal of making a sale. Prospects can tell when your agenda is self-serving and this will put them on the defensive immediately. Pushing too hard right off the bat will almost always result in rejection.

Do Focus on Relationship Building

Try to establish a relationship and gain their trust rather than pushing your prospect to buy on the first call. Even if this means following up a few times. Remember these are not existing customers, you have no existing relationship with them, and they have no reason to trust you.

Don’t Try to Overcome All Concerns

There will be some prospects that will have doubts or concerns about what you are trying to sell. Some of these you will be able to work around, while others may be entirely justified. Accept the fact that you may need to let some go. As mentioned earlier, no product can be right for everyone. Don’t waste your time on prospects whose concerns are too big to overcome.

Do Try to Address the Smaller Concerns

Sometimes addressing the smaller concerns can prompt prospects to tell you about what they’re really worried about. Or perhaps you will find out there was a misunderstanding about your product and this will allow you to further clarify.

The golden rule of cold calling is to avoid pressuring prospects. Remember you are speaking to actual people, treat them how you would like to be treated. Any attempt at pressure or manipulation is going to result in a big “I’m not interested”.

If you avoid these common cold calling mistakes, your prospects will be much more receptive to your message, and you will most likely see a higher ROI on your telemarketing list as a result.