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A common challenge for marketers is deciding which direct marketing method they should use. Should you try a Direct Mail? Telemarketing to a list of prospects? Maybe an email campaign?

According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail is starting to make a comeback with marketers reporting significantly increased response rates. Yet, direct mail can be clunky. It takes time to implement a direct mail campaign properly and it doesn’t provide an immediate response.

Once upon time telemarketing was one of the most prominent methods of generating sales. The number one advantage of telemarketing is that you can instantly connect with prospects. Over the years however, telemarketing gained a negative reputation for inundating people with irritating and persistent calls

Email maybe the most cost-effective method to reach out to prospects and with all the campaign reports available, it’s also the most measurable. With that being said, it’s no secret we are all overwhelmed with the sheer amount of emails flooding our inboxes.

And then there’s social media! The newest edition to the marketing mix. While bright and shiny, it shows little to no ability to measure effectiveness as a true direct marketing method.

So what’s the answer? Multi-channel marketing!

Combining direct marketing methods has been shown to be consistently more effective than any single method strategy. A Brand Science study showed a 62% increase in ROI for digital campaigns that included direct mail. The reason for that is simple. Multi-Channel marketing provides businesses with the opportunity to engage with their prospects on a frequent and interactive basis.  This interaction not only reinforces the key marketing message, but also gives your prospects a variety of ways to respond.

The key to marketing is repetition. When you reach out to your prospects using a blend of direct marketing methods like Direct Mail, Telemarketing and Email, you create multiple impressions. This will allow you to strengthen your initial message and increase interaction with your prospects. By contacting the same prospect with similar messages, you will be thought of first when your prospects are ready to make a purchasing decision.